Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are your areas of expertise?

A- We are online event marketplace help customers to get event organized hassle free and in their budget. Our expertise is in birthday celebration, weddings, romantic dining's, home party decorations and other event related services such as entertainment artists and photographers. Apart from mentioned our core strength is that myeventkart has made packages based on customer demands and these packages are best in price and offer entire gamut of services which a customer expects.

Q- What services do you offer?

A- An event planner we are responsible for creating memorable experiences in your life, which involve creative thinking and doing multi-tasking. You can customize your services with us where we after understanding your requirement do scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships, establishing and negotiating contracts, and managing budgets are all a part of the drill. We also offer a myriad of curated packages starting from wedding planning, birthday celebration, romantic getaway for couples, baby shower, anniversary celebrations etc. these packages are made by understanding customer and servicing them for years, by choosing these packages you end up hiring service at affordable cost.

Q- Why do I need event planning?

A- Hiring a professional service is required so that the event can take place just the way you want and without any flaw. The event planners can also assist you to do money management and make the most of your budget and allocate it properly. You can leave all your worries to the event planners who take every possible effort to make your event a grand success.

Q- How do you keep budgets on track?

A- If you are planning an occasion, there is one step that is most essential which is creating the event budget. Below are the top 6 items to keep in mind regarding the budget:
1) Determine funding and expenses
2) Keep track of each expense.
3) Create an idea of Action
4) Review the event's needs
5) Build your budget and expense checklist
6) Plan the way to pay your expenses

Q- What factors do you consider selecting a venue?

A- Even though selecting a venue is the most important part of party planning, it is also the most difficult task, but with years of experience this becomes much easier for us. There are several factors we consider when choosing a venue, few elements are Capacity, Location, Food & Beverage quality, Ambiance and most important it should meet customers budget.

Q- How early do we need to start planning an event?

A- Planning an occasion can take from weeks to months; it depends on the occasion and the other details that the event involves. Having enough time in hand is always advisable , weddings as we know booking of venue are done as early as possible as they always have limited auspicious dates if dates are not a problem then also six to eight month is a good enough time to start planning. For other functions like birthdays and other events if its is in off season two or three week is good enough time but for season time and specific renowed venues six to eight month is a good enough time to start planning.

Q- Can you cope up with last-minute changes of plan or emergencies?

A- For event planners, the times and hours before an occasion are the most stressful parts of the experience. Albeit you planned well and followed your strategy to the letter, there is always a chance for something to go wrong just before the event starts. Because you are handling a live event, unexpected situation you ought to be ready for things to vary at any moment. Staying cool-headed and thinking rationally helps in these scenarios.

Q- How would sites visit and venues selection will be managed?

A- Once your destinations and hotels are selected, it is time to schedule onsite visits. Bring a minimum of one attendee, exhibitor, and team member with you. Site visits are usually liberal to the planner if your event is large enough. It is perfectly reasonable to ask for a hotel to schedule a visit with you. This provides you with a chance to steer through the venue and knowledge of what it might be like for your attendees and even plan the decoration and placement of items in the venue to avoid any last minutes surprises.

Q- How much do your birthday parties cost?

A- We have huge options available with us for birthday party. The typical cost of a birthday party packages is often dependent on kind of venue, decorations and number of guest. Many parents prefer to host birthday parties in their homes where the cost is completely different.

Q- What are the minimum numbers of guest for a birthday party booking?

A- All the Party Packages at home include up to minimum of eight guests at your party if the party is at a venue minimum of 50 guest are required in a banquet and minimum of 20 guest in a restaurant.

Q- Are the Party tables decorated?

A- Having a beautifully set table for your party is a crucial way of welcoming your guests. It can set the ambience for a celebration and switch the event into a memorable, special experience. It is that extra touch that shows guests that you simply care. With a touch of effort and creativity we decorate tables based on the theme and various elements.

Q- Do you provide birthday invitations?

A- Birthday parties are fun for people of all ages, and creating a call for participation is a crucial step in the planning process because invitations ensure people know about the event. We have static and video invitation for our customers which are custom made.

Q- Do you supply a cake and candles or can I bring my own?

A- The cake and candles are the centerpieces of the show. If you want any particular theme cake you can ask the party planner, they would arrange for you. If you want a cake from any particular location, you can have it on your own.

Q- When should I expect to hear from my birthday party coordinator?

A- You can expect to listen to from your birthday celebration coordinator within 48hrs of booking the package.

Q- Do we eat or play first?

A- Scheduling a play before eating has been suggested as a comparatively simple environmental strategy. However, it can be done differently depending on your guests and the theme. Birthdays are a fun time for teenagers and planners work to make it memorable for his or her child and his friends.

Q- What if I need to cancel the party?

A- Parties can be cancelled at least ten or more days before the event. It could also be rescheduled but the prices may vary. Rescheduled parties must occur within two months of the first date. Deposits are not refundable.